Monday, September 08, 2008

List of recently published papers on plant flow cytometry - June, July and August

Exceptionally, due to my recent busy times exposed in a previous post, this highlight of the recently published articles on Plant Flow Cytometry will include the months of June, July and August.

Genome size:
Thompson JN, Merg KF. Evolution of polyploidy and the diversification of plant-pollinator interactions. Ecology (2008) 89:2197-2206.

de Abreu IS, Carvalho CR, Clarindo WR. Chromosomal DNA content of sweet pepper determined by association of cytogenetic and cytometric tools. Plant Cell Reports (2008) 27:1227-1233.

Brito G, Loureiro J, Lopes T, Rodriguez E, Santos C. Genetic characterisation of olive trees from Madeira Archipelago using flow cytometry and microsatellite markers. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution (2008) 55:657-664.

Consaul LL, Gillespie LJ, Waterway MJ. Systematics of North American Arctic diploid Puccinellia (Poaceae): Morphology, DNA content, and AFLP markers. Systematic Botany (2008) 33:251-261.

Garcia S, Canela MA, Garnatje T, Mcarthur ED, Pellicer J, Sanderson SC, Valles J. Evolutionary and ecological implications of genome size in the North American endemic sagebrushes and allies (Artemisia, Asteraceae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (2008) 94:631-649.

Stahlberg D, Hedren M. Systematics and phylogeography of the Dactylorhiza maculata complex (Orchidaceae) in Scandinavia: insights from cytological, morphological and molecular data. Plant Systematics and Evolution (2008) 273:107-132.

Eilam T, Anikster Y, Millet E, Manisterski J, Feldman M. Nuclear DNA amount and genome downsizing in natural and synthetic allopolyploids of the genera Aegilops and Triticum. Genome (2008) 51:616–627.

Ploidy level:
Izumikawa Y, Takei S, Nakamura I, Mii M. Production and characterization of inter-sectional hybrids between Kalanchoe spathulata and K. laxiflora (= Bryophyllum crenatum). Euphytica (2008) 163:123-130.

Skrlep K, Bergant M, De Winter GM, Bohanec B, Zel J, Verpoorte R, Van Iren F, Camloh M. Cryopreservation of cell suspension cultures of Taxus x media and Taxus floridana. Biologia Plantarum (2008) 52:329-333.

Jin SX, Mushke R, Zhu HG, Tu LL, Lin ZX, Zhang YX, Zhang XL. Detection of somaclonal variation of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) using cytogenetics, flow cytometry and molecular markers. Plant Cell Reports (2008) 27:1303-1316.

Yang XM, An LZ, Xiong YC, Zhang JP, Li Y, Xu SJ. Somatic embryogenesis from immature zygotic embryos and monitoring the genetic fidelity of regenerated plants in grapevine. Biologia Plantarum (2008) 52:209-214

Zdravkovic-Korac S, Calic-Dragosavac D, Uzelac B, Janosevic D, Budimir S, Vinterhalter B, Vinterhalter D. Secondary somatic embryogenesis versus caulogenesis from somatic embryos of Aesculus carnea Hayne.: developmental stage impact. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture (2008) 94:225-231.

Lubinsky P, Cameron KM, Molina MC, Wong M, Lepers-Andrzejewski S, Gomez-Pompa A, Kim SC. Neotropical roots of a Polynesian spice: The hybrid origin of Tahitian vanilla, Vanilla tahitensis (Orchidaceae). American Journal of Botany (2008) 95:1040-1047.

Mereda P, Hodalova I, Martonfi P, Kucera J, Lihova J. Intraspecific variation in Viola suavis in Europe: Parallel evolution of white-flowered morphotypes. Annals of Botany (2008) 102:443-462.

Schenk MF, Thienpont CN, Koopman WJM, Gilissen LJWJ, Smulders MJM. Phylogenetic relationships in Betula (Betulaceae) based on AFLP markers. Tree Genetics & Genomes (2008) 4:911-924.

Siena LA, Sartor ME, Espinoza F, Quarin CL, Ortiz JPA. Genetic and embryological evidences of apomixis at the diploid level in Paspalum rufum support recurrent auto-polyploidization in the species. Sexual Plant Reproduction (2008) 21:205-215.

Plant breeding
Martinez-Reyna JM, Vogel KP. Heterosis in switchgrass: Spaced plants. Crop Science (2008) 48:1312-1320.

Teyssier E, Bernacchia G, Maury S, Kit AH, Stammitti-Bert L, Rolin D, Gallusci P. Tissue dependent variations of DNA methylation and endoreduplication levels during tomato fruit development and ripening. Planta (2008) 228:391-399.

Cell Cycle:
Da Silva EAA, Toorop PE, Van Lammeren AAM, Hilhorst HWM. ABA inhibits embryo cell expansion and early cell division events during coffee (Coffea arabica 'Rubi') seed germination. Annals of Botany (2008) 102:425-433.

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