Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The European Cytometry Network webpage

The webpage of the recently created European Cytometry Network (for further info click here) has been in beta testing already for several months. This may be a very useful and attractive platform created as a social network for the easy exchange of ideas and information between European scientists interested on cytometry. There's a special group exclusively dedicated to plant flow cytometry, which has already 15 members from several areas of plant sciences. So, it may be another web platform (together with the forum) for the discussion of general topics in plant flow cytometry as well as the place to pose any question or doubt related with the cytometric applications in plant sciences.

As the network works as invitation only, in case you are interested in joining us, please just send me an e-mail that I will promptly reply to you.

Make a good profit of it... it was created for you.

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