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Plant Flow Cytometry Groups - Portugal

A new section regarding the plant flow cytometry groups of each country is starting this month. A new country/region will be posted each month.

To start, and despite I am currently located in Czech Republic, the home country of the administrators of this blog was chosen: PORTUGAL

Unfortunately, so far, only a few groups in Portugal have used flow cytometry to study plant cells. Their list follows below:

Conceição Santos, João Loureiro (now in Department of Botany, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic), Eleazar Rodriguez, Glória Pinto, Sílvia Castro - Laboratory of Biotechnology and Cytomics, Department of Biology, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
No. of publications: 10 (1 in collaboration with Fernanda Leal and Olinda Pinto-Carnide, Department of Biotechnology and Genetics, University of Trás Montes & Alto Douro, Vila Real, Portugal)

Maria Lima and Maria Candeias - National Agronomic Station, Department of Plant Protection, Oeiras, Portugal (flow cytometry with collaboration of Artur Paiva, Centro Histocompatibilidade do Centro, Coimbra, Portugal)
No. of publications: 1

Augusto Peixe - University of Évora, Évora, Portugal (flow cytometry services provided by the Plant Cytometry Services – Schijndel, The Netherlands)
No. of publications: 2

Ana Delauney Caperta - Centro de Botânica Aplicada à Agricultura, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Lisbon (flow cytometry with collaboration of Armin Meister, IPK, Department of Cytogenetics, Gatersleben, Germany)
No. of publications: 1

Flow cytometry core facilities in Portugal:
Cell Imaging Unit - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Lisbon (Responsible for all flow cytometry services: Rui Gardner)
Flow Cytometry Unit - Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, Porto (Responsible: Simon Monard)
Flow Cytometry Unit - Institute of Molecular Medicine, Lisbon

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Reference list:
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