Thursday, March 06, 2008

Freeware FCM software

Hello, I'm leaving the link for two freeware softwares for FCM data analysis, that are probably well known for the most of you (or maybe not):


WinMDI is a Windows application that reads most FCS 2.0 compliant files known from most cytometer manufacturers (in the year 2000); this is the latest version (2.9) developed by John Trotter.



Cylchred is a cell cycle analysis software, that works with histograms in FCS single parameter binary format with up to 1024 channels. So you may want to use WinMDI first to obtain this histograms. The latest version is 1.02, and was developed at the university of Cardiff.

Happy data analysis!


Rifki Handika said...

hi,i want ask about this article. Does this FCM refer to Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping?


João Loureiro said...

No. FCM referes to Flow Cytometry. I am sorry...



Sara Hyldig said...

how do I interpret the result data that comes out of a cylchred analysis of a histogram? In the result box there are no units, so I dont know whether the numbers I get out are percentages, counts or whatever. I would like to calculate the percentage of events in G1 and G2, respectively. How do I do that?