Friday, February 01, 2008

Annals of Botany - Plant Genome Horizons - Forthcoming Special Issue

The Annals of Botany, one of the leading journals in plant genome publications, is preparing another special issue, entitled "Plant Genome Horizons". This special issue will contain some of the works that were presented in the occasion of the conference with the same name (Kew, 16 and 17th of April 2007) that marked Prof. Mike Bennett's retirement and celebrated his scientific career.

From the Annals of Botany future papers here follows some of the articles that will be included in this forthcoming issue. Please note that some of them are already available online via the AoBPreview

A Century of B Chromosomes in Plants ? So What?
Jones RN, Viegas W, Houben A

Dissecting Meiosis of Rye using Translational Proteomics
Phillips D, Mikhailova EI, Timofejeva L, Mitchell JL, Osina O, Sosnikhina SP, Jones RN, Jenkins G

Cytochemistry and C-values: The Less-well Known World of Nuclear DNA Amounts
Greilhuber J

Detailed Dissection of the Chromosomal Region Containing the Ph1 Locus in Wheat Triticum aestivum: With Deletion Mutants and Expression Profiling
Al-Kaff N, Knight E, Bertin I, Foote T, Hart N, Griffiths S, Moore G

Biosystematics and Conservation: A Case Study with Two Enigmatic and Uncommon Species of Crassula from New Zealand
De Lange PJ, Heenan PB, Keeling DJ, Murray BG, Smissen R, Sykes WR

Anthocyanin Inhibits Propidium Iodide DNA Fluorescence in Euphorbia pulcherrima: Implications for Genome Size Variation and Flow Cytometry
Bennett MD, Price HJ, Johnston, JS

Review. Genome Size Scaling through Phenotype Space
Knight CA, Beaulieu JM

The Ups and Downs of Genome Size Evolution in Polyploid Species of Nicotiana (Solanaceae)
Leitch IJ, Hanson L, Lim KY, Kovarik A, Chase MW, Clarkson JJ, Leitch AR

Review: Allopolyploidization Accommodated Genomic Sequence Changes in Triticale
Ma X-F, Gustafson JP

When Genomes Collide: Aberrant Seed Development Following Maize Interploidy Crosses
Pennington PD, Costa LM, Gutierrez-Marcos JF, Greenland AJ, Dickinson HG

Development of a Genomic Microsatellite Library in Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and its Use in Trait Mapping
King J, Thorogood D, Edwards KJ, Armstead IP, Roberts L, Skøt K, Hanley Z, King IP

Evolution of rDNA in Nicotiana Allopolyploids: A Potential Link between rDNA Homogenization and Epigenetics
Kovarik A, Dadejova M, Lim YK, Chase MW, Clarkson JJ, Knapp S, Leitch AR

We look forward for this Special Issue of AoB as the manuscripts that will be included seem very promising.

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