Sunday, June 08, 2008

List of recently published papers on plant flow cytometry - May

Below is the list of papers that came to our hands/knowledge during the month of April. In here there are already included some of the contributions made through the FLOWer database webpage. Many thanks for the authors that contributed with their work.

Genome size:
Carvalho CR, Clarindo WE, Praça MM, Araújo FS, Carels N. Genome size, base composition and karyotype of Jatropha curcas L., an important biofuel plant. Plant Science (2008) 174:613-617.

Rossi AAB, Clarindo WR, Carvalho CR, Oliveira LO. Karyotype and nuclear DNA content of Psychotria ipecacuanha: a medicinal species. Cytologia 73 (2008):53–60.

Ayres DR, Grotkopp E, Zaremba K, Sloop CM, Blum MJ, Bailey JP, Anttila CK, Strong DR. Hybridization between invasive Spartina densiflora (Poaceae) and native S. foliosa in San Francisco Bay, California, USA. American Journal of Botany (2008) 95:713-719.

Makowczynska J, Andrzejewska-Golec E, Sliwinska E. Nuclear DNA content in different plant materials of Plantago asiatica L. cultured in vitro. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (2008) 94:65–71

Ploidy level:
Kantartzi S, Roupakias DGProduction of aneuploids of the cotton hybrid G. barbadense x G. hirsutum L. via intergeneric pollination with Abelmoschus esculentus. Euphytica (2008) 161:319-327.

Orbovic V, Calovic M, Viloria Z, Nielsen B, Gmitter FG, Castle WS, Grosser JW. Analysis of genetic variability in various tissue culture-derived lemon plant populations using RAPD and flow cytometry. Euphytica (2008) 161:329-335.

Guillemin ML, Faugeron S, Destombe C, Viard F, Correa JA, Valero M. Genetic variation in wild and cultivated populations of the haploid-diploid red alga Gracilaria chilensis: how farming practices favor asexual reproduction and heterozygosity. Evolution (2008) 62-6: 1500–1519

Functional cytometry:
Tilbrook J, Tyerman SD. Cell death in grape berries: varietal differences linked to xylem pressure and berry weight loss. Functional Plant Biology (2008) 35:173-184.

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