Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recent requests for help

I recently received two e-mails from some colleagues asking for some help in not so explored plant flow cytometry subjects.

You can see their messages below and if you have can give them any feedback to their question, they will certainly be very grateful.

E-mail 1:
"Dear all,

One groups wants to separate Lolium nuclei from the organelles... This project is really challenging for me and I'll need some help.

The main target is separating mitochondria (urgent application) and the second target is sorting chromosomes. Lolium has 7 chromosomes in the haploid set. As I told you I'm a little bit out of the Botany field now and I would like to come back... Do you have some protocols, procedures, papers, information, tips and tricks... that could help me? For analysis I think I shouldn't have big problems because of the equipments that I've in the lab, but for sorting I could be limited because I've a FACSAria and it has a 70 and a 100 um nozzles.

Nevertheless, probably the higher restriction for chromosome sorting it could be that instead of a UV laser the Aria has a violet laser...

Any help will be very welcome.

Kind regards,

Dr. Alfonso Blanco Fernández (e-mail:
Flow Cytometry Core Facilities
UCD - Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research
University College Dublin,

E-mail 2:
"Hello Joao,

Please can I have a question – do you have an experience in plant cell sorting based on neutral lipids content – ideally using auto-fluorescence. We have a customer who is sorting algae and cyanobacteria based on neutral lipids content – and asked us for an advice in this..


Roman Navratil , Ph.D. (e-mail:
Applications Specialist
iCyt Mission Technology, Inc.

Your help is needed! You can reply to these problems either by commenting this post or by contacting directly the researchers through the e-mail given in each message.

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