Monday, November 12, 2007

List of recently published papers on plant flow cytometry - October

After some silent period, we have decided to open a new monthly section where the recently published papers will be listed. This list corresponds to the manuscripts published on the month of October.

Kron P, Suda J, Husband BC. Applications of Flow Cytometry to Evolutionary and Population Biology. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 38 (online)

Greilhuber J. Cytochemistry and C-values: The Less-well-known World of Nuclear DNA Amounts. Annals of Botany (online) (From the forthcoming special issue Plant Genome Horizons).

Technical report:
Roberts AV. The use of bead beating to prepare suspensions of nuclei for flow cytometry from fresh leaves, herbarium leaves, petals and pollen. Cytometry (online).

Genome size:
Loureiro J, Kopecky D, Castro S, Santos C, Silveira P. Flow cytometric and cytogenetic analyses of Iberian Peninsula Festuca spp. Plant Systematics and Evolution (2007) 269:89–105

Suda J, Krahulcová A, Trávnícek P, Rosenbaumová R, Peckert T, Krahulec F. Genome Size Variation and Species Relationships in Hieracium Sub-genus Pilosella (Asteraceae) as Inferred by Flow Cytometry. Annals of Botany (2007) 100:1323–1335

Eilam T, Anikster Y, Millet E, Manisterski J, Sagi-Assif O, Feldman M. Genome size and genome evolution in diploid Triticeae species. Genome (2007) 50:1029-1037

Ploidy level:
Gillis K, Gielis J, Peeters H, Dhooghe E, Oprins J. Somatic embryogenesis from mature Bambusa balcooa Roxburgh as basis for mass production of elite forestry bamboos. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (2007) 91:115–123

Bidani A, Nouri-Ellouz O, Lakhoua L, Sihachakr D, Cheniclet C, Mahjoub A, Drira N, Gargouri-Bouzid R. Interspecific potato somatic hybrids between Solanum berthaultii and Solanum tuberosum L. showed recombinant plastome and improved tolerance to salinity. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (2007) 91:179–189

Soriano M, Cistué L, Vallés MP, Castillo AM. Effects of colchicine on anther and microspore culture of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (2007) 91:225–234

Fiuk A, Rybczynski JJ. The effect of several factors on somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in protoplast cultures of Gentiana kurroo (Royle). Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (2007) 91:263–271

Coelho CM, Wu S, Li Y, Hunter B, Dante RA, Cui Y, Wu R, Larkins BA. Identification of quantitative trait loci that affect endoreduplication in maize endosperm. Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2007) 115:1147–1162

Sharma SK, Bryan GJ, WinWeld MO, Millam S. Stability of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plants regenerated via somatic embryos, axillary bud proliferated shoots, microtubers and true potato seeds: a comparative phenotypic, cytogenetic and molecular assessment. Planta (2007) 226:1449–1458

Fras A, Juchimiuk J, Siwinska D, Maluszynska J. Cytological events in explants of Arabidopsis thaliana during early callogenesis. Plant Cell Rep (2007) 26:1933–1939

Allum JF, Bringloe DH, Roberts AV. Chromosome doubling in a Rosa rugosa Thunb. hybrid by exposure of in vitro nodes to oryzalin: the effects of node length, oryzalin concentration and exposure time. Plant Cell Reports (2007) 26:1977–1984

Fatta Del Bosco S, Siragusa M, Abbate L, Lucretti S, Tusa N. Production and characterization of new triploid seedless progenies for mandarin improvement. Scientia Horticulturae (2007) 114:258–262

Functional Plant FCM:
Yang J, Ma L, Zhang Y, Fang F, Li L. Flow cytometric identification of two diffeent rhodamine-123-stained mitochondrial populations in maize leaves. Protoplasma (2007) 231:249-252.

If there is any recent paper missing, please post its link in the comments that we will update this post accordingly. Once again, your contribution is very important.

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