Monday, October 01, 2007

The first week of the forum and blog

Since the publicity of the forum a week and some days ago, we have received a nice feedback from the plant FCM community with 22 new members, totalling 26 members from diverse locations around the world (see figure).

More importantly, there has been some posting activity from some newly registered members. Below you can find the link to each of the topics started by the new members:
- Calibrating plant standards for flow cytometry (by alaacraddock);
- Substituting PVP (by pkron);
- DNA content using PI on FACScan (by georgina);
- The application of flow cytometry to count pollen grains (by scastro).

The questions that were posed are all very interesting, but members feedback/answer is still reduced.

Also, a new forum "Troublesome Plant Material" has been created and it is expected that members post the name of plant species which were impossible to analyse by FCM. Therefore, if other members had some previous experience with any of the posted species, some advice and solutions can be given.

This blog itself has received many visits, once again from the whole world (see image above). I hope that the blog is a nice complement to the forum and we promise to post any interesting news when appropriate. So please be aware of new posts and visit us regularly. Also, if you want you can comment any of the posts made so far. It is always nice to have some feedback from the readers.

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